A €50 deposit will be taken to secure your wedding date, a date cannot be held without a deposit. Deposits are non refundable but are taken from your final wedding balance.


If paying by bank transfer you must pay in full at least 4 working days before the wedding date. If you wish to pay by cash you may do so on the morning of the wedding before styling begins. If extra styling takes place that wasn’t agreed upon before the wedding day this can be paid for on the day.


In the unfortunate event that YOU (client) need to cancel your booking with me your deposit is non refundable as this covers my time spent on admin and potential loss of other bookings. 

In the unfortunate event I (stylist) need to cancel your booking due to family emergency, illness or situations out of my control; I will work hard to find you another hairstylist. If I cannot find you another hairstylist you will receive a full refund (including your deposit, NOT including any trials carried out) within 7 working days.

Covid Restrictions

In the unfortunate event that covid restrictions are in place at the time of your wedding day I will work with you to accommodate your new date, however if your new chosen date is not available and you chose to cancel your booking with me your deposit is non refundable. 

Inspirational images for the entire party

It is important for me to be as organised as possible the morning of your wedding, therefore I will ask you to inform your bridal party to send me inspirational images of their chosen hair style for the wedding along with an image of their own hair 7 days prior to the wedding date (they can do so by Whatsapp, text or email). This is for three reasons: 

  1. It allows me to have timings planned for each client before I arrive allowing the morning to run smoothly. Some styles take longer than others. 
  2. Some hairstyles don’t suit every hair type and I need to make sure each party member has chosen a realistic style for their hair type. If this was discussed the morning of the wedding and a new style had to be researched, I can potentially lose a lot of styling time. It also ensures party members can relax on the morning knowing the style they wish to have has been thought out in advance.
  3. Some party member may have extremely thick or unruly hair and may need to have it blow-dried the day before the wedding. 

Point of contact

In the unlikely event that I need to contact you on the morning of the wedding I always ask for a point of contact (you may not have your phone on you), this can be a brother, sister or bridesmaid etc. Please choose someone who will be available.